Bethlehem Star
By Davey Morgan

In a manger a babe was born
To repair something that was torn

A relationship was broken
Yet a prophecy was spoken

Since we took a fruit from the tree
He paid the ultimate full fee

His love for us remains the same
Even when our heart isn’t tame

We remember this perfect gift
With presents and songs that uplift

Warm fellowship with hot cocoa
True acts of kindness that echo

His true and everlasting love
Falls like snow from Heaven above

Take that love and spread it afar
Don’t forget the Bethlehem star

Holy Trinity
By Davey Morgan

protectors of all,
dragons — king of animals,
sheltered under wings.

gifted by the sun,
duty performed, light reborn,
phoenix returned home.

magic that could heal,
unicorns were made of dreams,
rainbow fantasies.


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