Bethlehem Star

In a manger a babe was born
To repair something that was torn

A relationship was broken
Yet a prophecy was spoken

Since we took a fruit from the tree
He paid the ultimate full fee

His love for us remains the same
Even when our heart isn’t tame

We remember this perfect gift
With presents and songs that uplift

Warm fellowship with hot cocoa
True acts of kindness that echo

His true and everlasting love
Falls like snow from Heaven above

Take that love and spread it afar
Don’t forget the Bethlehem star

Great and Small

God's creatures great and small,
He made so many, and loves them all,

From the tiniest ant to the great blue whale,
He designed their eyes, mouth, nose, and tail.

In gardens and parks, we see creatures so small,
Ladybugs and honey bees that buzz and crawl.

In our own backyard, we see birds in the trees,
Squirrels and rabbits that enjoy the breeze.

Through jungle and desert, in mountains and sea,
God loves every creature, just like you and me.

The ocean's full of creatures, so many to see,
Dolphins, sharks, and even manatees.

On the savanna, lions roar in the night,
Giraffes and cheetahs, such a beautiful sight.

In the scorching desert, where it's hot and dry,
God made animals who can thrive and survive.

From camels with humps that store water for days,
To snakes who hide and survive in a desert maze.

In the icy tundra, where the chill is bold,
God made animals to brave the cold.

From polar bears who swim in the freezing sea,
To penguins who waddle on ice with joyful glee.

Let's show God's love to creatures big and small,
With kindness and prayer, let's care for them all.

Holy Trinity
protectors of all,
dragons — king of animals,
sheltered under wings.

gifted by the sun,
duty performed, light reborn,
phoenix returned home.

magic that could heal,
unicorns were made of dreams,
rainbow fantasies.

Nature Sings

Nature sings to God above,
Wild animals and our pets that love.
From the chirping birds to the barking hounds,
All nature’s praises, are beautiful sounds.

From the rustling leaves to the ocean spray,
Nature sings to God each day.
The stars twinkle in the night sky,
A wonder that catches every eye.

The flowers sway in the morning light,
A symphony of colors, a breathtaking sight.
From the buzzing bees to the gentle butterflies,
All creation sings, their voices rise.

God made the birds up high,
Flying in the endless sky.
With wings of feathers and of grace,
They fill the air with songs of praise.

God made the creatures of sea and land,
All are made by His loving hand.
Elephants trumpet clear and loud,
Cheetah’s purr and lions sing proud.

In the jungle, monkeys swing from vine to vine,
Parrots fly with colors so divine.
Their joyful chatter fills the air,
As they sing their praises without a care.

The earth and its creatures, all proclaim,
The greatness of God's Holy Name.
May we too, join in their song,
And give our praises all day long.


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